Best Lost Mary Flavours In 2024 | Must Try

Best Lost Mary Flavours In 2024 | Must Try


Lost Mary, a prominent figure in the world of vaping, has left home its niche with various well-crafted products for use as vapes. Popular among both beginners and experts alike, the products of Lost Mary are characterized by a revolutionary design, with unrivaled flavors. This brand is renowned for its variety that includes a number of products such as the Lost Mary BM600, the Lost Mary 3500, and the Lost Mary QM600

The selection of the right flavor for vaping cannot be over emphasized. Vaping is not only about vaping, it’s an event that includes taste and sensation, which can be changed significantly by the flavor. Therefore, being able to get the perfect flavor can make vaping much more of a pleasure than smoking because it is an activity all its own. Whether it is the refreshing taste of the fruit flavors or a more complex blend you desire, Lost Mary’s range provides different tastes to satisfy your various needs.

The Lost Mary Disposable Vapes Range

The Lost Mary Range of vaping products have made a name for themselves in the world of disposable vapes as they offer a wide range of devices aimed at satisfying the different tastes and types of vaping. Below are the distinct characteristics and unique features of four popular Lost Mary products: Lost Mary BM600, Lost Mary 3500, Lost Mary QM600 and also Lost Mary AM60.

Lost Mary BM600

Lost mary bm600

BM600 is a product in the stunning line by Lost Mary with a small and easy-to-use design. This device provides hassle-free vaping, making it especially attractive to the novice vapers or those who want an effortless option. The BM600 does not only have 2 milliliters of pre-loaded e-liquid but also provides a 550mAh battery output which ensures that the consumer vapes for quite some time before recharging. Still, the BM600 variety of flavours is among its many strengths; each flavor has been designed to provide a true-to-life and satisfying taste. This model typically provides around 600 puffs, which is quite a very good option for the average vaper.

Lost Mary 3500

lost mary 3500

The best thing about Lost Mary 3500 is its whopping 3,500 capacity that jumps over the limit and endurance in one great leap. It is designed for those vapers who appreciate the durability as well as quality. The Lost Mary 3500 is an amazing device, durability of this product is present in the build quality which makes it extremely very comfortable to hold. Secondly, the Lost Mary 3500 comes in different flavors all of which offer a powerful and very satisfying vaping experience.

Lost Mary QM600

lost mary qm600

The Mary QM600, which is also Known as Lost by the brand name, is a great illustration of its commitment to innovation and quality. The model is creative in that it combines style and also functionality, appealing to the vapers who consider appearance and performance equally. As with the BM600, the QM600 has a 550mAh battery that provides about six hundred puffs. However, it has a much better airflow system which enhances the taste transfer and the entire vaping experience. The taste experience provided by each e-liquid flavor for the 2ml prefilled device is very distinct and also pleasant.

Lost Mary AM600

The Lost Mary AM600 sets itself apart from other products by the fact of it being slim and also stylish, attracting vapers who are not only interested in what they get but also in how they get it. However, the ergonomic feeling of this device is much better than its predecessor, the BM600 in terms of comfort and also ease of use. The AM600 is a collaboration with Elf Bar that manufactures superior vape e-liquids and comes up with very distinctive but as well as also premium flavors.The AM600, having a capacity of 600 puffs, is for those people who want to achieve the best compromise between the size and performance. The device flavor profiles are highly varied and also very unique, satisfying all the taste buds. In addition, the AM600’s thoughtful design ensures a uniform and also pleasant vaping.

In essence, the choice of disposable vapes from Lost Mary varies greatly and it meets different needs and preferences. Lost Mary provides many functionalities such as the versatile BM600, the reliable 3500, and also the sleek QM600. Whether you are a novice vaper or an expert, there is something for everyone. It can also be attributed to the unique nature of each device such as battery life, puff count, design and flavor range for a different vaping experience. This range is very versatile and of high quality, which makes Lost Mary a very unique brand among the disposable vapes that appeal to all the people who enjoy vaping.

Best Lost Mary Flavours | In-Depth Reviews

1. Pineapple Ice

Lost Mary’s Pineapple Ice flavor is a tropical treat that blends the sugary taste of the fruit with an exhilarating coolness. This flavor provides the tongue with a taste of a sweet and juicy pineapple, which is energetic but also slightly sour. This mix includes the ice element which is very ideal for the vapers who are looking for a very refreshing and also summery taste. The Pineapple Ice is an explorative vaping experience that combines the natural pineapple sweetness and the crisp coolness of menthol to create a refreshing yet satisfying sensation. Since the flavor profile stays pretty consistent from the first puff to the last, it is perfect for all day long vaping. Whether you are relaxing on the beach or just dreaming of basking in a tropical climate, Pineapple Ice is a flavor that would transport you to an idyllic place bathed in sunshine with every breath.

2. Strawberry Ice

Lost Mary's Strawberry Ice is an old-fashioned flavor that combines the heavenly sweetness of the strawberries with a refreshing dose of ice. This product is designed for the consumers who prefer the traditional blend of fruit and the coldness. This strawberry in the vape is very realistic that it feels like you are biting into an actual fresh, sweet and juicy strawberry. The ice component offers a refreshing coolness to the feeling, presenting an energetic alternative at any point of time in the day. Strawberry Ice has a homogeneous taste because it combines the sweet and slightly sour flavor of strawberries with an icy aftertaste. This flavor is far and beyond your regular fruit vape; it takes you on a very complex journey away from the ordinary. A treat for those who love the flavoring of both fruits and also spices, Strawberry Ice is an absolute go-to with its vibrant, refreshing, and satisfying taste.

3. Blue Razz Cherry

As a new flavor, Lost Mary’s Blue Razz Cherry combines the power of the blue raspberry with the deliciousness of cherry. It is a very thrilling mix for the vapers who are interested in novelty and adventure. The blue raspberry component provides a slightly acidic, very zesty flavor that is not only refreshing but also very invigorating. When it is coupled with cherry, its rich sweet notes give a perfect combination that brightens the tongue. This gives a drool-inducing taste that has just the right amount of zest and also the sweetness. Blue Razz Cherry is characterized by the brightness of its flavor tones that offer a truly exhilarating and highly enjoyable vape. This flavor demonstrates the capacity of Lost Mary to produce very unique blends that do not always meet the demands of vape users and also is handed down one of the most adventurous and flavorful in the vapes industry.

4. Triple Melon

Triple Melon by Lost Mary is a nice combination of three melons, which will give much pleasure to the people who like sweet fruit. The mixture of the melons is a watermelon sweetness, cantaloupe uniqueness and honeydew subtlety symphony. The strong sweetness of the watermelons may awaken memories of a hot summer day, while the honeydew is more subtle and creamy which fits so well with the powerful watermelon. Cantaloupe adds a wonderful note of richness and also complexity to the blend, completing this trio with its own unique flavor. Triple Melon is the perfect combination of these three melons that result in a simple vape with an easygoing fruity taste. It is as if in a vaporizer, the juice and colorful flavours that are both very refreshing and also extravagant all at the same time. The Triple Melon is a heaven's gift for the melon fans, which will make your mouth water after each inhale.

5. Triple Mango

Triple Mango Lost Mary BM3500

Lost Mary’s Triple Mango is the quintessential flavor for all mango lovers. This flavor is a very unique blend of three types of mangoes that have their own distinct taste and sweetness. The result is the most nuanced and extremely real mango flavor that a person can think of. This basic flavor is that of a ripe, juicy mango and then the tamer exotic ones that give it some subdued and flavourful complexity and also variation to the tongue. It is more than just that one note; it's a combination of the sweet, juice-filled interior with the slightly sour skin. Triple Mango is an excellent tropical mix that manages to catch something of the essence of this much-loved fruit in a very cleansing and also very satisfying way. For lovers of mango, Lost Mary’s Triple Mango is a must – an indulgent vape for those who can savour the taste of this fruit.

6. Marybull Ice

The flavor Marybull Ice is an exciting and refreshing flavor from Lost Mary that the vapers like their e-liquids with a little bit of energy. This flavor is inspired by the renowned energy drink featured with a sour taste blended up in the refreshing cool and icy feeling. The result is a vape that not only tingles the palate but also stimulates the mind. The energy drink part is superbly depicted in its combination of sweet and sour, which brings to mind the exotics fruits with a touch of citrus. The inclusion of ‘ice’ enhances this taste as it gives a chilling sensation that makes each puff so exciting. For vapers who are seeking for a flavor that combines the classic and adventurous, Marybull Ice is ideal as it’s sweet, sour and also refreshing.mBesides being delicious tasting, it is also a great mood enhancer and offers a reinvigorating vape flavour.

7. Mad Blue

Lost Mary’s Mad Blue is a very strong, vivid taste that incorporates various types of blueberry shades to provide an authentic vape experience. This type of variation is based from the traditional blueberry taste with sweet, sour and wild blueberry flavours. The ‘mad’ part of this flavor means that it is very dark and rich with a completely satisfying blueberry taste. Such a combination is very adorable and highly palatable as the ripe blueberries produce sweetness while the wild berries are characterized by their tart taste. Mad Blue is the ideal representation of a blueberry lover’s dream, delivering an intense and multi-layered taste of the best embodiment of this berry in each puff. This taste is another indicator of the Lost Mary’s skilled craftsmanship and how they have been able to produce a vape that is highly flavorful but also incredibly subtle in its complexity.

8. Sakura Grape

Sakura Grape by Lost Mary is a very beautiful and incredible combination of the sakura (cherry blossoms) floral notes with the rich taste of grapes. This mixture is extremely rare, and with its utilization; one will enjoy a serene vaping session that makes an individual feel like walking through the cherry blossoms. The grape part gives a very strong and sweet base, while the light scented flavor of the sakura brings about a delicate and refreshing note. This flavor is well measured between the fruity and floral complexity, which communicates a lot of sophistication and elegance. SG is especially recommended for its romantic and soft fragrance, which makes the vaping experience feel both very stimulating as well as relaxing. This taste is most creative and sophisticated in terms of the taste that may be just right for those vapers who need a flavour which is not only very unique but also beautifully crafted.

9. Cherry Peach Lemonade

The combination of traditional and also the exotic fruits in the Lost Mary’s Cherry Peach Lemonade is very unusual, but it offers a cool vape experience. This taste combines the luscious texture of the cherries and also the velvety softness of peaches with a sour touch of lemonade. Therefore, the result is a very vibrant scent combination that is both exhilarating and also filling at the same time. The smack of cherries and peaches is served in every puff with the tart coolness of lemonade to form a perfect combination for the summer or just an uplifting refreshment. Cherry Peach Lemonade is a summer vapor, reducing the temperature and heat with its brightness and sunny flavors.

10. Pink Lemonade

lost mary pink lemonade

Pink Lemonade by Lost Mary is a really great variation on the original lemonade flavor that gives you an airy, cool vaping experience. This combination produces an evened off taste between the sweet and sour by merging the original tartness of lemonade with a subdued red berry flavor. The pink factor adds a bit of madness and also captures those who have a taste for fruity and also mildly spicy tastes. The taste of each hit from Pink Lemonade is extremely cool and refreshing, just like sipping a glass of ice cold lemonade on a hot day in the vape. Whether lounging by the pool or merely picturing sunny days, Pink Lemonade is a very cheerful taste that brings alot of joy to every exhale.

11. Lemon Lime

The two citrus fruits are in a perfect harmony with each other in Lemon Lime, an ageless and very fresh taste from the Lost Mary. This flavor gives a refreshing shot of citrusy lemon and also a sour lime, resulting in an exciting vaping experience. The combination of lemons and limes provides a clean feeling but it is also one that is not too tart or acidic at the same time. For those who fancy a straightforward, pristine and refreshing taste, the Lemon lime is an energizing vape infused with citrus drink. It works best as a full-day vape especially for those who want to clean the palate and also get a fresh taste.

12. Blueberry Sour Raspberry

lost mary

If you are a vaper who likes more complex flavors, Lost Mary’s Blueberry Sour Raspberry is an excellent sweet and sour mix. This taste is a combination of sweetness and earthiness found in the blueberries, along with the sourness and sharper nature seen in raspberry. Another feature of the raspberry is that it makes it even more sour and also adds a lot of sweetness to the blueberries. This flavor is a very peculiar journey that delivers an exquisite sweet-sour harmony in every puff. On the other hand, this is one of the best choices for berry connoisseurs and also fruit vape flavor enthusiasts.

13. Pink Senorita


Pink Senorita by Lost Mary is a very intriguing flavor that brings something exotic and extremely unusual to the vaping. This taste is a mixture of the richness of the tropical fruits and elements of floral, creating this delicate and secretive flavor. The gentle romanticism that ‘Pink’ represents in Pink Senorita is the ideal match for the mysterious yet very seductive ‘Senorita’ element. Each puff has a very smooth, aromatic and slightly sweet taste with a hint of paradise in the tropics. This palate is ideal for the aficionados who want a vape that’s both delicious and very fine, away from the humdrum. For those looking for a flavor that’s as magical as it is delicious, the Pink Senorita is an excellent and well-made vape.

Comparative Analysis

Lost Mary offers a wide variety of flavors with each flavor offering a unique vaporizing experience and also catering to all the taste buds. These flavors have been compared on how popular, unique, and the feedback from their users in order to establish which one of these has an advantage over the various vapers from beginners to advanced.


Some of the best include Pineapple Ice and also Blueberry Sour Raspberry. Many people love the Pineapple Ice as it has an enjoyable sweet tropical taste and coolness that reminds them of the summer. Or, the Blueberry Sour Raspberry is often praised for its amazing mixture of sweet blueberries and also sour raspberries to create a luxurious berry flavor. These flavors are universally accepted for the starters and veterans as their profiles appeal to almost anyone who tries them.


In terms of distinctiveness, the Sakura Grape and Pink Senorita are very highly unique. Sakura Grape is a vape juice that combines the freshness of grapes and also sakura’s subtle aroma to create an unusual flavor, which is very rarely used in the world of vaping. Pink Senorita with its tropical fruits and a delicate hint of floral sweetness provides an exotic yet subtle adventure for those vapers who are looking for something very unique and refined at the same time. They are particularly appealing to the more advanced vapers who like trying out weird and also complex flavors combinations.

User Feedback

As per the customer reviews, Strawberry Ice and Triple Mango can be termed as the premium quality products owing to their real taste and the balance of flavors. Strawberry Ice’s authentic strawberry taste with a refreshing finale has made it the most popular among fruity lovers who prefer tastes with an icy touch. Triple Mango is a very flavorful treat for the mango lovers due to its deep and layered taste. These flavors are ideal for newbies who would like to try out the fruity tastes and also for advanced vapers looking for richness and authenticity.

Flavor Recommendations for Different Vapers

For users, simple pineapple and strawberry ice flavours are ideal because they offer refreshing and cleansing tastes that are not too intense. The Sakura Grape and Pink Senorita may be enjoyed by the experienced vapers for their unusualness. However, those looking for a very strong fruity taste would relish the Triple Mango and also Blueberry Sour Raspberry.

Overall, Lost Mary offers a broad spectrum of flavors that are targeted at the different tastes and every single flavor is really unique in its own way. The Lost Mary has a taste that will definitely please regardless of if you are new to vaping or already an old pro of the game.

Lost Mary Devices Compatibility

The BM600, 3500, QM600, and AM600 line of devices under the Mary Lost brand offer a broad range of vaping choices and accompanying flavors. The pairing of the device and flavour is a very critical element in ensuring that one can get maximum enjoyment out of vaping since each device comes with specific qualities which enhance some particular tastes.

The Lost Mary BM600 features a tiny design and easy to use, thus making it the most suitable for the customers in search of simple yet powerful flavors such as Pineapple Ice or Strawberry Ice. These flavors are even better thanks to the efficient delivery system of the BM600 and are perfect for beginners or people who would like to have something easier.

lost mary bm600

With a prolonged puff count and a larger battery, The Lost Mary 3500 is very suitable for the complex flavors such as Sakura Grape and Triple Mango. The device’s longevity ensures that such a complex flavor is savored in full, every single detail and tone being accurately transmitted over long periods.

Lost mary 3500

For flavors that work better in a more subdued delivery, the QM600 is perfect; Blueberry Sour Raspberry and Triple Mango are two such great examples. The QM600 design allows for a very controlled and elegant tasting experience, which makes it very ideal for the veteran smokers.

lost mary qm600

Lastly, the ergonomic Elf Bar works quite well in the Lost Mary AM600 for the strange and peculiar tastes with dense Mad Blue and Cherry Peach Lemonade flavors. These flavors are beautifully harmonized with the design and also the construction of this gadget, which makes it a very desirable and pleasurable vaping experience.

Finally, each Lost Mary appliance has one of a kind characteristics that help to enhance some flavors and also satisfy different tastes and sensations. From the simplicity of BM600, through the strength 3500 to the complexity QM600 and style-like AM600.

User Experience and Satisfaction

The feedback from the Lost Mary users of our site demonstrates a highly positive experience and satisfaction with both the flavor variety and also devices. Vapers usually praise the brand for its consistency, good tastes and innovation in the devices.

They say that the taste profiles are very true and also balanced. For example, a comment by an individual about Pineapple Ice said, ‘It is like a holiday in the tropics with every puff – very refreshing and authentic flavor.’ Similar comments can be found across other flavors; one user stated: “The ideal balance of sweetness and sour – I now consider this to be my absolute favorite flavor.

The devices are also praised for their user-centeredness and also reliability. A Lost Mary BM600 user commented that they loved its size and the fact that it was very easy to use. It is perfect for a beginner like me, who has started vaping only recently.” At the same time, an experienced user of the Lost Mary 3500 mentioned that its powerful battery life does not require frequent recharging.

These testimonials reveal a trend of customer satisfaction, showing that Lost Mary fits the divergent vapers with the different preferences and experiences. Lost Mary is the choice of both the novice and experienced vaper because of its good taste and well-made devices.


To summarize, what stands out in the range of products that Lost Mary sells is its diversity, quality and also customer satisfaction. Highly Consumed flavors such as Pineapple Ice and Blueberry Sour Raspberry are highly praised for their real taste, whereas the exotic blends like Sakura Grape and Pink Senorita satisfy the tastes of the adventurous gust. From the lightweight BM600 to the gigantic Lost Mary 3500, devices enhance vaping with many unique features for different flavors. The customer reviews demonstrate a very high level of satisfaction which reflects the brand’s ability to provide both pleasant and dependable products. Lost Mary is a vaping supplier that offers an assortment of flavors and devices for those wishing to indulge in the world of vaping, be it someone new or someone who already has some experience. 

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