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Known for: creativity and precision

Brand Overview

VooPoo has advanced rapidly in recent years. Despite being founded in 2014, it didn't become well-known about vaping until 2017. Since then, two things have helped it gain the most recognition: its amazing array of technological items and exquisite designs.

VooPoo is a highly regarded e-cigarette producer with over 30 million customers globally, spread over 200 countries.

Voopoo devices come equipped with the company's unique "gene chip" technological advances, which gives customers remarkable power and control over functions including mode switching, temperature regulation, and many more.

The VooPoo Drag S, which won the 2020 Greatest Vape Brand Award and the Best Equipment of the Year, is among the greatest instances of this technology in use.

One of the best examples of this technology in action is the VooPoo Drag S, which was awarded both the Best Equipment of the Year and the 2020 Greatest Vape Brand Award.

Why VooPoo Is Unique?

  • Vape on the go with Sub-ohm pods
  • A quite good Pod Coils
  • A broad selection of PnP Coil compatibility for pods
  • Traditional leather grip panels for Comfortable Grip.

Available Products From VooPoo

Vape Kits: VooPoo produces complete vaping kits which usually include a tank, coil, mod and sometimes other accessories such as spare parts or charging connections. It is beginner-friendly.

Tanks: Various tanks are produced by VooPoo that can be used with their own or third-party vape devices. Vaping tanks that are mouth-to-lung or DL differ in their size, volume, and construction.

Coils: to ensure reliable performance and flavour, VooPoo manufactures replacement coils and devices for their tanks. These coils come in various resistance levels and materials.

Mods: The battery boxes that power the device and adjust its settings are called vape mods and are designed and manufactured by VooPoo. These mods vary in functionality, power and size to suit different tastes and styles. It is designed for experienced vapers to allow for more customization.

Accessories: VooPoo also provides a variety of accessories, including drip tips, batteries, chargers, and new glass tubes.

Most popular products by VooPoo

VooPoo Drag X, Voopoo Drag Nano 2 and AVP Cube Kits are some of the most popular vape kits offered by VooPoo.

VooPoo: Beginner-friendly vape options

Voopoo Argus GT 2, VooPoo Drag S Pod System, VooPoo Argus Air Pod System and VooPoo Vinci are some of the beginner-friendly vape options by VooPoo.

VooPoo: Vape Options for Pros

The Voopoo Drag series is mostly preferred by pro vape users.

VooPoo: Vape options for Cloud Lovers

VooPoo ARGUS Series is mostly preferred by vapers who love to play with Smoke Clouds.


  • The pricing range of the VooPoo vape kit is £4.99 – £69.99
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