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Sub-ohm gadgets with a wide variety of coils for high cloud creation.

Brand Overview

Since its 2010 launch, SMOK has strengthened its position as one of the tops vape brands available.

It contributed to the development of sub-ohm vaping by releasing the first triple and quad-core coils in history. So, consider Smoke whenever you think about large clouds!

Its vast selection of vape pens, pod systems, mods, tanks, pods and coils are well-liked for being premium, long-lasting, and state-of-the-art. Prominent offerings from them, including the NORD Series, have been praised for being among the best all-around pod kits available.

Certain Smok items will cost you more than those from other companies, but you get what you pay for simplicity, exceptional performance, and a tonne of vapour!

What makes SMOK unique?

  • Huge clouds emerged from their quad-core coils.
  • The pod kits have eye-catching LEDs.
  • The most advanced coils are available. The first triple and quad-core sub-ohm vaping coils in history.
  • Materials for buildings that are of military quality were utilised.
  • Complete harmony of flavour.

SMOK: Available products

Vapour Kits: SMOK offers starter kits including tanks, coils, mods, Pods and accessories for easy installation.

Tanks: SMOK provides a range of sizes and designs for their tanks to suit different vaping styles.

Coils: SMOK offers replacement coils for guaranteed flavour and performance.

Mods: SMOK provides a variety of vape mod sizes and styles for personalised vaping experiences.

Disposable Vapes: The SMOK produces a range of disposable vaporizers and is slowly becoming more and more well-liked because of its excellent flavours and nicotine salt concentrations.

Smok Vapes

  • Smok: Most Well-liked products: Smok Nord 4 Kit, Smok Novo 4 Pod Vape Kit and Smok RPM 5 Pod Kit
  • Smok: Beginner-friendly vape options: Smok RPM C KIT, Smok RPM 85 & RPM 100, Smok RPM 5 & RPM 5 PRO and Smok Nord PRO
  • Smok: Vape Options for Pros: Smok MAG SOLO KIT, Smok MORPH 3 KIT and Smok MAG-18 KIT
  • Smok: Vape Options for Cloud Lovers: Smok ARCFOX KIT and Smok SCAR-MINI
  • Price Range:  The pricing range of the Smok kit is £4.95 – £100
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