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Elf Bar is quite simple to use, you may start smoking it as soon as you open the package without charging it, pressing any buttons, or waiting for it to warm up or heat up. Because ELF BAR does not release any offensive odour, you won't bother those around you while using it and won't smell like traditional cigarettes either. If you don't want to worry about refilling and maintaining the cleanliness of your conventional electronic cigarettes, ELF BAR can be a great option.

However, some types, like the 3500 puffs / 5000 puffs variants, include charging capabilities. Only original products are offered for sale on the ElfBar Market website. These two products each have 1500 pumps and are 480 ml. These two goods also contain 2% content.

Note: We purchase goods straight from the producer. On the product package, there is a QR code that may be read and validated on the company's website. The product is 100 percent original if the QR code has only been scanned once or twice.

Frequently Asked questions

1.How many cigarettes in an Elf Bar 600 Puffs?

There will be about 45 cigarettes in an elf bar.

2.What elf bar Flavour is best?

There will be lot of best flavours that will be considered as the in the elf bar.

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