Collection: Keeping Vapers Safe: The Value of Age Verification in Vape Online Store

Age verification is a procedure by which online retailers comply with the law and make sure that consumers who purchase items are not under aged, in fact, old enough to purchase Vape Products.

In short, age verification is a legal protocol that protects both the online seller and the customers. The seller is protected by law because it ensures that no products are sold to minors, and the customer is protected because it removes the possibility that minors may get items they cannot legally purchase over the counter.

In Vape Online Store, age verification plays a crucial role in promoting responsible vaping. Retailers can use age control measures to reduce the number of underage users, comply with regulations, and foster a safe and responsible vaping culture. Together, we can work towards a future in which adults who are of smoking age enjoy freedom responsibly.

What are the stages involved in completing the process?

The process is quick and easy for the great majority of clients. The data you would normally enter to make an online purchase is pulled by the age verification system. Name, address, and credit or debit card information are all included in this. You don't need to take any further action.

If additional age verification is required, the procedures stay the same. You'll see a pop-up saying that you need to snap a picture of your ID and that more information is required.

Why Age Verification is important?

Age verification is crucial for shielding minors from the serious risks associated with vaping. Vaping does include nicotine to some extent. It has an impact on teenagers' growing brains. Online vape businesses may stop minors from buying these goods by confirming the age of their consumers.

Is my data secured?

Of course! Your provided information is solely used to confirm your age. It is not kept, gathered, distributed, or bought by outside parties.

Your submission of any information is kept on a secure internal database. This keeps it safe from outside threats since it means it is not connected to the internet. Your information is safe since 256-bit encryption is used by the service itself.

In the event that you are asked to submit a picture ID, certain data will be retained in order to eliminate the need for photo ID verification going forward. Age, name, birthdate, and address are all included in this. Your picture ID is never kept on file by any service, even if you submit one. After your identity has been confirmed, the attached photo is removed.

The Age Verification Process

Techniques for Confirming Age:

  1. Self-declaration with follow-up checks, biometric verification, artificial intelligence, and identity verification services are examples of online verification procedures.
  2. Age estimation technologies, electronic age verification systems, and picture ID checks are examples of in-store verification procedures.


Standard "ID Scanners" and our "AgeChecked App and Na Age Verification" can only decipher the data stored in an ID barcode, and barcodes are simple to create and modify. All of the high-quality fakes that are overtaking the market have information embedded in the barcode proving the owner is of legal age.

The ID is not authenticated by ID scanners. They simply reveal the information that is there.

These are the only Na Age Verification application available on the market. They won't shield you from purchasing a phone ID.

iOS and Android App for the FDA Age Calculator

Bar & Club Statistics for iOS and Android:'s Age Checker App for iOS

Developments in Technology for Age Verification:

  • Examples of innovations include sophisticated biometric systems, smartphone ID verification applications, and blockchain for safe record-keeping.
  • Difficulties include challenges with worldwide compliance, privacy, and technology constraints.