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Renowned for: Flavour and high-quality design.

Brand Overview

OXVA is a new brand launched in 2019, yet it has already sold over 10 million items globally.

OXVA is well-known for its elegant designs, intuitive pod systems, and focus on flavour.

OXVA manufactures very potent vapes that are suitable for both beginners and experienced users. They also incorporate clever features and power safeguards into their most compact and lightweight travel kits, such as the Xlim SE and Xlim V2 kits, which are sure to please with each draw-activated puff!

OXVA specialises in MTL devices, and in 2023, their XLIM SQ Pro Pod Kit won the Refillable Pod Kit of the Year and MTL Kit categories.

What makes OXVA unique?

  • Compact constructions with surprisingly huge batteries.
  • While within the device, XLIM V3 pods may be refilled.
  • Included lanyards for immediate accessibility.

What kind of product does OXVA produce?

OXVA is renowned for its advanced approach to vaping technology, creating sophisticated products with attributes like programmable settings, adjustable airflow, and several coil selections. To improve their clients' vaping experiences, they keep releasing new goods and accessories.

You're probably going to run upon an Xlim series pod kit from OXVA; they make flavorful vapes that are small and simple to use.

For its vaping devices, OXVA produces coils, tanks, oil, and replacement pods and components Besides pod systems, starting kits, and accessories. They provide a wide range of choices to suit various vaping tastes and aesthetics.

Why choose OXVA?

  • Excellent rates of vape kit battery life
  • Extremely leak-resistant XLIM Pods
  • Quick auto-draw firing rates
  • Maintain a small weight and a very extended battery life.

OXVA: Most Well-liked products

OXVA XLIM SE 2, OXVA XLIM PRO, OXVA XLIM SQ PRO and OXVA ONEO are one of the most popular products by OXVA

OXVA: Beginner-friendly vape options

OXVA ARTIO and OXVA VELOCITY LE are mostly known for beginner-friendly vape options by OXVA.

OXVA: Vape Options for Pros

For pro users, OXVA XLIM SQ PRO is the best option.


The pricing range of the OXVA vape kit is £2 to £50.