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Uwell Valyrian 3 Kit Price | Uwell Vpe UK
Regular price £69.99
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  • Dimensions: 85.2mm by 52mm by 31.4mm
  • Dual High-Amp 18650 Batteries: Not Included
  • Wattage Output Range: 5-200W
  • Voltage Output Range: 0.7-8.0V
  • Resistance Range: VW Mode: 0.1-3.0ohm
  • Resistance Range: TC Mode: 0.1-1.0ohm
  • Temperature Range: 200°-600°F / 100°- 315°C
  • Power Mode
  • TCR Mode
  • Zinc-Alloy Chassis Construction
  • Intuitive Firing Button
  • 0.96" Color Screen
  • Two Adjustment Buttons
  • LED Indicator Lights
  • Hinged Bottom Battery Door
  • Threaded 510 Connection
  • Type-C USB Port

The Uwell Valyrian 3 Kit represents the pinnacle of innovation and design in vaping. Renowned brand Uwell, known for producing superior vaping products, has once more exceeded expectations with this striking device designed to satisfy both newcomers and seasoned vapers alike.

From its striking aesthetics to powerful performance capabilities, this kit was tailored to meet the needs of both novice and veteran vapers alike.

Dimensions: Wentworth Valyrian 3 Kit is 85.2mm in height, 52mm wide and 31.4mm deep for an ergonomic grip while maintaining a stylish modern appearance.

Dual High-Amp 18650 Batteries: Please be aware that batteries are not included with this kit as their use ensures optimal device performance.

Wattage Output Range: The Valyrian 3 offers an outstanding wattage output range that allows users to personalize their vaping experience from 5W up to 200W for ultimate customization and satisfy various vaping preferences. It provides exceptional choice.

Voltage Output Range: With an output voltage range that spans from 0.7V to 8.0V, vaping experiences can be tailored precisely.

Resistance Range (VW Mode): When operating in Variable Wattage mode, the Valyrian 3 can accommodate coil resistances between 0.1ohm to 3.0ohm for increased versatility when vaping either sub-ohm vaping or higher resistance vaping.

Resistance Range (TC Mode): For precise temperature control of your vaping experience, the Valyrian 3 Coil supports resistances from 0.1ohm to 1.0ohm in Temperature Control modeThis offers great precision when selecting coils that occupy different slots on its heating element.

Temperature Range: This kit provides a broad temperature range that enables you to customize your vaping experience from 200degF to 600degF or 100degC to 315degC.

Power Mode: The Valyrian 3 offers multiple modes, such as Power Mode, to ensure that you can tailor your vape experience precisely to your tastes.

TCR Mode: Advanced users may utilize the Temperature Coefficient of Resistance (TCR) mode, enabling them to set individual temperature control parameters for various wire materials.

Zinc Alloy Chassis Construction: This device's construction guarantees both durability and lightness; using zinc alloy adds elegance to its appearance.

An Intuitive Firing Button: Our intuitive firing button was carefully placed for user comfort, offering responsive tactile feel for effortless operation.

0.96" Color Screen: The Valyrian 3 features an easy-to-read, vibrant and color screen which displays essential vaping settings and battery information.

uwell valyrian 3 uk

Two Adjustment Buttons: Conveniently located adjustment buttons provide precise control of wattage, temperature and other settings.

LED Indicator Lights: Adding LED indicator lights can enhance both aesthetics and functionality in devices, from indicating battery life to alerting you about specific conditions. These lights serve a multitude of purposes that range from showing you which battery cells need charging next to providing alerts about specific circumstances.

Hinged Bottom Battery Door: Switching out batteries is made simple with this convenient hinged bottom battery door, providing quick access to the battery compartment and reducing downtime.

Threaded 510 Connection: The Valyrian 3 is equipped with a threaded 510 connection, making it compatible with many tanks and atomizers.

Type-C USB Port: For reliable and quick charging of your device, this port ensures fast and quick recharging capabilities.

Sleek and Stylish Color Options:

The Valyrian 3 Kit offers you several stunning color choices that allow you to express yourself and make a statement with your individuality. Choose between Midnight Black, Lagoon Blue and Amaretto Brown to express yourself freely and make a statement of your own.

Advanced Technologies to Provide Superior Results:

The Valyrian 3 Kit is more than meets the eye; it boasts cutting-edge technologies that deliver outstanding performance. Here we explore some key features and technologies that set this kit apart.

Cutting Edge Chipset:

At the core of Valyrian 3 Kit is an advanced chipset which powers its impressive performance, controlling temperature and wattage for consistent and reliable vaping experiences.

Customizable Vaping Modes:

The Valyrian 3 offers several customizable vaping modes. In Power Mode, you have complete control of wattage to fine-tune your experience; Temperature Control mode lets you set exactly the temperature you prefer - eliminating dry hits while improving flavor - while TCR Mode offers advanced customization for experienced vapers by setting specific temperature coefficients for various wire materials.

User-Friendly Interface: The 0.96" color screen on this device offers an intuitive and user-friendly experience, displaying key data such as your wattage/temperature setting, coil resistance setting and battery life quickly and clearly. With vibrant colors and an organized layout making navigation through settings and adjustments easier.

Battery Life and Charging:

Uwell valyrian 3 kit review

The Valyrian 3 Kit is powered by dual high-amp 18650 batteries (not included) for all-day vaping sessions and efficient charging via its USB Type-C port, providing fast recharging times with reduced downtime.

Precision Control for an Ideal Vape Experience:

Valyrian 3 Kit stands out with its precise control over wattage and temperature. Featuring a wide wattage range from 5W to 200W, you can find your ideal power output for coils or vaping styles--whether MTL draws or cloud chasing experiences are your preference! The Valyrian 3 has you covered.

Temperature Control mode enables you to fine-tune the temperature of your vape and prevent overheating or dry hits, especially beneficial if using temperature-sensitive coil materials like stainless steel, nickel or titanium coils. With Valyrian 3's precise temperature control feature, you'll ensure maximum flavor enhancement while decreasing risk of burnt coils and better control.

Experienced vapers will appreciate the TCR mode's advanced level of customization. Here, you can input specific TCR values for different coil materials to give yourself precise control of your vaping experience and experiment with unique coil setups to fine-tune their vape to perfection.

Ergonomic Design and Quality:

The Valyrian 3 Kit stands out not only with its cutting-edge technology but also for its exceptional design and build quality. Measuring 85.2mm by 52mm by 31.4mm for comfortable gripping and easy handling, its sleek ergonomic design also impresses.

Coils and Pods

The Uwell Valyrian 3 Kit stands out from other vaping kits by featuring not just traditional pod systems but instead an advanced tank and coil setup. Here is what you should know:

Valyrian 3 Tank: The Valyrian 3 Kit comes complete with the Valyrian 3 tank, an outstanding feature of this vaping setup. Specifically tailored for sub-ohm vaping, this tank enables users to produce large clouds and intense flavor while being compact in size; not quite like traditional pod vape devices yet providing high capacity tanks with replaceable coils - something the standard pod vaporizer doesn't offer!

Coils: Uwell offers several coil options tailored to specific vaping styles and preferences to maximize performance of the Valyrian 3 tank:

uwell valyrian 3 box kit

UN2 Single Mesh Coil (0.32ohm): This coil was created for smooth airflow and exceptional flavor production, perfect for direct-to-lung (DTL) vaping - which involves inhaling vapor directly into your lungs.

UN2-2 Dual Mesh Coil (0.14ohm): Specifically designed to produce more vapor production and intense flavor, this coil will satisfy cloud chasers looking for abundant, flavorful clouds. If that describes you perfectly then this dual mesh coil could be just what's needed!

UN2-3 Triple Mesh Coil (0.16ohm): For those looking to take their cloud chasing to the next level, this triple mesh coil is an incredible device, producing massive clouds while providing incredible flavor!

UN2-2 Dual Meshed Coil (0.32ohm): This coil offers the perfect blend of flavor and vapor production, making it suitable for vapers who enjoy having both as part of their vaping experience.

Removing Coils in the Valyrian 3 Tank: For easy coil replacement in your Valyrian 3 tank, follow these easy steps.

  • Unscrew the tank from its device. Verify that its contents have all been used up.
  • Unscrew the bottom of the tank where your coil resides to access it.
  • Remove and dispose of the old coil in an environmentally responsible manner.
  • Make sure that when priming a new coil, a few drops of e-liquid are applied directly onto its cotton wicking material for priming purposes.
  • Secure the new coil to the base of the tank by fastening it tightly with screws.
  • Reconnect the tank to its device.

Assembly Instructions for Uwell Valyrian 3 Kit: Assembling the Uwell Valyrian 3 Kit is simple. Here is a step-by-step guide that can help get you going:

Uwell valyrian 3 kit price

Unpacking: Start by opening up your Valyrian 3 Kit package. Inside will be the device, tank, coils and charging USB cable as well as any additional accessories or guides that may come included with it.

Battery Installation: To make the Valyrian 3 Kit work efficiently, two 18650 high-amp batteries (not included) should be inserted according to their positive and negative markings in the battery compartment.

Setting Up The Valyrian 3 Tank: To properly set up the Valyrian 3 tank, secure its coil to the base. Make sure it remains tight before proceeding to set it up.

Filling Your Tank: Carefully unscrew the top cap of the tank, and carefully fill with your preferred e-liquid - taking precaution not to overfill and cause leakage!

Attaching the Tank: Secure the tank tightly onto your device by tightening its screws tightly around its perimeter. Ensure a snug fit!

Powering on: To power on, press the firing button as indicated by your user manual multiple times to activate your device.

Adjusting Settings: Take advantage of the intuitive 0.96" color screen's user-friendly interface to customize the wattage or settings according to your personal taste.

Vaping: Once your device is assembled and your settings have been adjusted, you are ready to embark on an amazing vaping experience.

Safety should always come first when working with batteries and coils, so always use the appropriate batteries and make sure the coils are primed to prevent dry hits. Consult the user manual for additional details regarding its operation and safety features.


The Uwell Valyrian 3 Kit strikes an exceptional balance between advanced vaping capabilities and user-friendliness, making it suitable for both experienced vapers as well as newcomers to sub-ohm vaping. Offering various coil options and an efficient tank, you can tailor your vaping experience exactly to your tastes; its vibrant screen with user-friendly controls makes adjusting settings a breeze; whether chasing clouds or sipping flavors - this kit has you covered. 

Uwell Valyrian 3 Kit Contains:

  • Valyrian 3 200W Vape Device
  • Valyrian 3 2ml Sub Ohm Tank
  • Uwell Valyrian 3 Stainless Steel 0.32 Ohm Mesh Coil (80 - 85W)
  • Uwell Valyrian 3 Kanthal 0.14 Ohm Mesh Coil (80 - 90W)
  • User Manual

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