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The Reymont Disposable was very simple to use and is a pretty much straight forward device. Basically you simply twist open the top of the device, press the button for about 20 seconds, put your e-cig into the device and start inhaling. The device does not have any real buttons so there are no extra steps to worry about like puffing too much or making it harder to inhale. 

It works in a very similar way to the old style clearomisers and tank systems of earlier years. You puff and puff and puff like there's no tomorrow, until you get tired of puffing or your mouth gets sore, then you go onto the next one. If you are familiar with how to use a clearomiser or cartomiser tank system, then you will know that they only last so long before they need to be replaced. 

Are Reymont Vapes good?

Yes, absolutely. They are good for the price and there are many positive reymont reviews out there.

How long does a Reymont Disposable take to charge?

It takes about 1 hours to fully charge the internal battery to its full capacity, which gives you about 3+ hours of vaping time on a single charge.