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You may experiment with our Geek Bar s600 Puffs selection and select from a variety of goods. Each item is intended to improve your vaping experience. The Geek Bar Pro 1500 puffs, with its continuous output mechanism and 2% nicotine salt, will provide you with pleasant flavour, enormous clouds, and a firm throat punch.

The GEEK-BAR Pro 20mg is designed to provide a throat hit that is quite intense whilst maintaining a smooth and delicate flavour. This Lite Bar Vape means that the throat hit is roughly equivalent to 3-4 puffs of a standard cigarette. This makes it ideal for replacing cigarettes in your daily routine. 

It does this whilst providing an enormous quantity of clouds, allowing you to transform your sitting area into a cloud-stacking environment. You will not require any special equipment or tools to start vaping from your 0 Nicotine Geek Bar, as all you need is the USB cable and charge indicator light which we supply with every purchase.