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OXVA Xlim V2 25w Pod Kit | Best Online Vape Kit Store
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  • Dimension: 111mm by 24mm by 14mm
  • Display Screen: 0.42 inch OLED Mini Screen
  • Material: Aluminum alloy & PCTG
  • Battery Capacity: Integrated 900mAh Rechargeable Battery
  • Power: 5W-25W
  • Charging: Type-C, DC 5V/1A
  • Capacity: 2mL Pod Capacity, Top Fill System
  • Resistance: 0.6ohm, 0.8ohm, 1.2ohm
  • X-treme Flavor and Strong Throat Hit
  • Side Airflow Control Design
  • Upgraded Anti-leaking Design
  • Three Different Flavor Style of Cartridges (0.60, 0.80 and 1.20)
  • Auto-draw & Manual
  • Bacteriostatic Mouthpiece
  • Airflow Adjustment Valve
  • Magnetic Pod Connection
  • Temperature Protection
  • No Atomizer Protection
  • Short-Circuit Protection
  • Vaping Overtime Protection
  • Highly leak-resistant

Without a doubt, OXVA Xlim V2 is one of the greatest small pod systems available today. It has an OLED screen, adjustable wattage and airflow, and a plethora of other functions. The OXVA Xlim V2 25W Pod System has a 900mAh internal battery, a 5–25W output range, and updated 2mL pods. Made of sturdy, lightweight aluminium alloy, the OXVA XLIM V2's chassis provides a very portable pod system that tucks nicely into a pocket, handbag, or bookbag. The XLIM V2 Pod System keeps the tiny pen-style vape form factor while packing a tone of power and capability into a small container.

Amidst the fast-changing realm of vaping, OXVA has emerged as a leading vanguard of innovation and quality. Known to be pushing the limits of the impossible, OXVA's passion for quality has seen them make a variety of products for the intricate needs of vapers all over the globe.

The Xlim V2 Pod Kit from OXVA stands out in their prestigious lineup of products which demonstrates their commitment to the versatility, usability, and the cutting-edge design. This pod system is tactfully designed to create optimal vaping experience by the fusion of both usability and simplicity that is loved by both experienced and new vapers.

The OXVA Xlim V2 shines for many factors such as the compact size, resilient coil options, and the side tank that highlights convenience over engineering. There are a few choices in terms of resistances that make the kit fit to any type of users, from Nic Salts fans to standard e-juices enthusiasts. The interchangeability among its OXVA wide range of products is further proof that it is a smart choice for a satisfying vaping experience.

Dedicated to both the enthusiasts and the newbies, is the right place to explore incredible features of the OXVA Xlim V2 Pod Kit. Vape Online Store provides a range of kits and pods as the replacement for them so that it becomes the shopping destination for those vapers who want to have the best quality in terms of pricing and value. Besides the upgrade of your vaping experience or the starting of pod systems for the first time, is the best site to start the journey with the Xlim V2.

Overview of the OXVA Xlim V2 Pod Kit

The OXVA Xlim V2 Pod Kit is a peak of vaping technology, which provides a unique experience for vapers who need a portable, durable and adaptable solution. It is offered with a set of functions and parameters that are tailored to the individual needs and inclinations of the vaping world.


Compact and Sleek Design: The Xlim V2 features an elegant and modern design, measuring just 111mm by 24mm by 14mm. Crafted with aluminum alloy and PCTG materials for lightweight yet robust durability, its 0.42-inch OLED mini screen adds a sophisticated touch.

OLED Display: The 0.42′′ OLED display on the front of the Xlim sets it apart from other pod gadgets of similar size. It's just a plain black-and-white display. Nevertheless, it provides you with all the information you need, like battery level, power, resistance, and puff count.

Impressive Battery Life: With its integrated 900mAh rechargeable battery and 5W–25W adjustable power output range, and adjustable power output range from 5W-25W, giving you control over how you experience vaping.

Leak-Resistant Design: One standout feature of the Xlim V2 is its highly leak-resistant design, so that you can say goodbye to messy leaks and experience a cleaner vaping experience.

E-liquid Capacity: The kit holds 2ml e-liquid to conform with the TPD guidelines yet still providing a good vaping experience without having to constantly refill.

Coil Options: The coils are available in a range of options which include the 1.2 ohm, 0.8 ohm and 0.6 ohm mesh coils, to satisfy different vaping styles and e-liquid types. Such coils are designed to deliver excellent flavor and puff with different resistance levels, from 10W to 25W.

Compatibility: The OXVA Xlim V2 is able to work with almost all OXVA products like the Xlim Pod Kit, the Xlim SE, the Xlim SQ Kit, the Xlim C Pod Kit, and so on. This compatibility expands the range of usage for the kit and makes it an interesting option for users of OXVA’s ecosystem.

Minimal and Elegant Style: The Xlim V2 has a sophisticated, contemporary look. made with PCTG and aluminium alloy for strong, long-lasting lightness. It weighs only 45 g. Because of this, it fits neatly into a pocket and is so light that you hardly notice you're carrying it. The Xlim features flat sides and, most crucially, a flat base for practicality (holding the gadget upright). Its gently curved edges make it easy to grip.

Standout Features:

Fixed-Coil Pods: These take away the difficulty of use and maintenance operations, eliminating the need for the coil handling and making the pod replacement process simple and mess-free.

Side-Fill Cartridges: Developed for speed, the side-fill method can be done without taking the pod out of the device, making it quick and simple to refill.

MTL Vaping Suitability: The Xlim V2 is perfect for MTL (mouth-to- lung) vaping which is the choice of many who are looking for a smoking- like experience or the use of the higher nicotine strength e-liquids. The coil configuration is made for a good MTL draw.

Xlim Function: User-Friendly Design
The Xlim gadget may be operated manually by pressing the fire button, or it can be activated by drawing.

  • One-Button Control: You can change the device's wattage and perform other operations with just one button.
  • Once you know how to use them, the settings are simple
  • Three clicks: mouse clicks Go into the mode of wattage adjustment. To raise the wattage in increments of 0.5, just click the button.
  • Four clicks: locks the fire button but keeps it open for drawing action to fire.
  • Five clicks: Turning on and off the power

With a focus on simplicity in design, OXVA has created a gadget that is both useful and stylish.

Options for Different Vapers:

Resistance coils (1.2ohm, 0.8ohm, and 0.6ohm) provide users with a broad range of personalization options related to warmth, throat hit and vapor creation. Whether your choice is a cooler, more flavorful inhale or a warmer, more intense one, the OXVA Xlim V2 Pod Kit allows you to satisfy your desire. The ability to switch between the two types is what makes it a good pick for vapers who appreciate both nic salts and standard e-liquids.

A Rainbow Of Colours

Bring out your personal style with a variety of colors like Arctic Ice, Black, Black Red, Black White, Blue Green, Dark Blue, Gunmetal Green Lemon Shiny Black Silver Black 3rd Anniversary Day Night Shiny Gunmetal Shiny Black Red Shiny Gold Pink Silver Shiny Silver Green Shiny Silver Black!

Purchasing From Vape Online Store

Are you in search of an all-in-one vaping solution without breaking the bank? Look no further than OXVA Xlim V2 25W Pod Kit, now on sale at just £17.99 (regularly £25.99) the best price and the broadest range of options. Aside from the pod kits, you can also buy Replacement Pods and coils in a variety of sizes. They are suitable for various vaping styles.

Shopping on will give you the guarantee that you are buying genuine OXVA products at very competitive prices with the benefit of fast delivery and great customer service. Whether you are a novice buyer or you are here to expand your collection, is the perfect site for you to buy the OXVA Xlim V2 Pod Kit and its accessories.

Deep Dive into the OXVA Xlim V2 Replacement Pods

The OXVA Xlim V2 Replacement Pods stand out as the pinnacle of vaping innovations, delivering unprecedented compatibility across the OXVA family, including the Xlim V2 Pod Kit and beyond. These pods are equipped with a side-fill port that is user-friendly, enabling users to make refills easily without the need to detach the pod from the device. The resistances of the coils are varied (1.2ohm, 0.8ohm, and 0.6ohm) to gratify different vaping preferences, whether for a tighter MTL draw or more significant cloud production.

The fixed-coil design provides not only convenience but also excellent flavor and prolonged coil life, therefore elevating your experience in vaping. For vapers who want to customize their experience to the chosen e-liquid types, of which there are nicotine salts and freebase e-liquids, will help them select not only the right pod but also the perfect coil, so that they can get the best balance in flavor, vapor production and throat hit.

Benefits of MTL Vaping with OXVA Xlim V2

MTL (Mouth to Lung) vaping is similar to the inhalation technique of cigarette smoking whereby the vapor is first drawn in the mouth and then is inhaled into the lungs. This method is a preferred one by many vapers for the fact that it can provide the user with a strong throat hit, with controlled vapor production and improved flavor perception at the same time, especially for those that use high nicotine strength or make the transition from smoking to vaping.

The OXVA Xlim V2 can be used for MTL vaping and it is effective in working with high PG and 50/50 types of e-liquids. These e-liquids come in different thicknesses, which gives the right consistency to the wicking system of the Xlim V2, allowing you to enjoy a smooth vaping experience with the minimal risk of leaks or dry hits. Moreover, its coil variants (1.2 ohm, 0.8 ohm, and 0.6 ohm) enable the users to adjust their MTL experience according to their preferred levels of resistance, wattage and e-liquid (including the famous nic salts which are well known for their smoothness and high nicotine content). also provides expert tips on how to match the coils and e-juices to maximize MTL vaping experience. Whether you want a MTL that’s tight with a lot of flavor or a loose MTL for more vapor, the OXVA Xlim V2, as well as guidance from, will provide you with everything you need for your ideal MTL vaping experience.

Comparison and Compatibility

The OXVA Xlim V2 is not only the most important upgrade of OXVA, but also the greatest success of the series which allows users to experience new features like V2 coils and a more user-friendly refill system. Displaying its flexibility, the system has been designed to fit multiple OXVA devices, such as the Xlim SE and OXVA Xlim SQ series, giving users the ability to replace cartridges and coils without any hassle.

Through the adoption of cross-compatibility technologies, the whole ecosystem is made more useful and helpful. has been a site where people seeking help on the wide array of products by OXVA would get in-depth reviews and feedback from their users. These reviews and feedback would be important in making a choice based on real life experiences.


The OXVA Xlim V2 Pod Kit is truly considered one of the biggest successes in the history of vaping technology if you look at its vaping features, its ease of use and the great vaping experience it provides. User-friendly design, plenty of coil choice and coordination with the whole OXVA line are the greatest benefits of this product that explain its popularity.

The adaptability of the kit is displayed through its capability to MTL vaping and also the fact that it can accommodate different e-liquids making it a product of choice for users wanting to have a satisfying vaping experience. is the best place to make a purchase from the best selection and get the best price, since it is here that Xlim V2 and accessories are available.

The Xlim V2 of OXVA has surely made a remarkable statement in the vaping world and, with its unique approach towards design and functionality, it is considered as the most popular Refillable Pod vape in the UK and it seems to be the new face of vaping.

OXVA Xlim V2 Pod Kit Package Contains:

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