Elux Legend Pro 3500 Puffs Review and Full Guide
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Elux Legend Pro 3500 Puffs Review and Full Guide


One of the most popular vaping products ever is the Elux legend pro 3500 puffs. With apple peach elux pro, the device offers a number of additional flavours. It is reasonably priced, allowing users to enjoy smoking with more ease. This is the reason why a lot of vapers all around the world are fans of this product. Given how easy it is to use and how well it performs, the Lux Disposable Vape is regarded as one of the best starting vape devices. You may easily carry it around in your pocket or handbag because it is relatively compact, lightweight, and useful to have on you at all times.

The Specifications

  • 3500 puffs per capacity
  • 1500 mAh is the battery size.
  • Capacity's E-liquid Batteries with Pre-Filled Capacity Battery Rechargeable
  • It provides an excellent selection of flavours.
  • enables you to enjoy smooth vaping
  • draws that activate
  • Unique style design without nicotine
  • Thin, small, and convenient for pockets

What flavours are available in the ELUX Legend Pro 3500? 

elux legend pro

With its distinctive qualities and popular vapes, the Elux Legend 3500 Pro disposable vape is one of the most anticipated. The fascination of vaping, as well as the rush of E-Liquid and mouthwatering flavours, are delivered with each puff. There are several new flavours that are exclusive to the Elux legend pro 3500. Due to the enormous variety of flavours available right now, Elux Legend 3500 pro is also a favourite among vapers. Of all vaping devices, this one has some of the most enticing flavour combinations.

This gadget offers an outstanding, impressive, and delightful vaping experience that matches the range of flavours it offers. The Elux pro Legend 3500 is aptly named due to the variety of flavours it offers, including Mr. Blue elux pro. Users don't have to worry about trying to vape delicate flavours because there are over 40 different flavours available, like Gummy bear elux and Pink Lemonade elux pro legend.

List Out Some of the Exciting flavours:

  1. Blueberry Pomegranate: Those with a sweet craving can consider the Blueberry Pomegranate flavour. Pomegranate with the acidic flavour of blueberries makes a great pairing. Its flavour is present in the elux blueberry pomegranate, which makes it superior to all other products in terms of flavour quality and quantity.
  2. Tiger Blood: For those who like a stronger flavour, theElux legend pro 3500 tiger blood flavour is a perfect option. Just amazing is how well the thick tobacco and sweet mango complement each other.
  3. Strawberry Banana: Another well-liked flavour available in the Elux Legend 3500, particularly for those who enjoy fruity flavours. In this mouthwatering flavour, the tartness of the banana perfectly balances the sweetness of the strawberries.
  4. Blueberry Raspberry: A popular flavour since its introduction, blueberry raspberry is a classic elux flavour. This flavour is available in the blueberry sour raspberry Elux legend pro 3500, and like the other flavours, it tastes terrific and gives customers a wonderful vaping experience.
  5. Apple Peach Pear: A combination of sweet apples that are contrasted with juicy, luscious pears. An explosion of delicious fruit.
  6. Blackcurrant Menthol: A burst of frosty blackberries.
  7. Blueberry Pomegranate: Crisp, sweet blueberries with a lovely, subtle tang from the pomegranate make up the Blueberry Pomegranate. flavorful to the brim.
  8. Fresh Mint: A genuine cooling experience that features a tobacco-free, pure mint flavour.

    Does Elux Legends Last Long?

    The Elux tale ought to last 10 to 14 days. It will still last longer than other vapes because the Elux Legend has a rating of 3500 puffs, which is much higher than many others on the market. The lifespan of any disposable vaporizer relies on the user's usage habits; heavier users will notice that their vaporizers wear out more quickly.

    1500 mAh battery within the Elux Legends means that there is enough power for it to provide the 3500 puffs that it is rated to be able of. You're quite unlikely to lose charge before you exhaust your supply of e-liquid because of the big battery capacity. Either the battery has died or the e-liquid in the Elux Legend has run out. It will be necessary to buy a brand-new disposable vape.

    My Elux Legend is flashing—why is that?

    Your Elux Legend's battery has run out of juice or the Disposable Device is out of e-liquid if it is flashing. If your Elux Legend is flashing as soon as you take it out of the box, it can be because the air pressure changes as a result of altitude fluctuations during air travel. E-liquid leakage and battery discharge are just two problems that might result from changes in air pressure.

    If you've been using it for some time and it suddenly starts flashing, it's possible that the inside circuits have been harmed. Vape components are quite small, making them more vulnerable to damage from bumps and drops. Water damage is another possibility.

    Make care you store your  Elux legend pro 3500 correctly by keeping it dry and away from areas where it can be affected by high temperatures or falls. Ensure that the vaporizer is kept dry and free from water as water will harm the internal electronics and render it useless.

    Elux Legend Flashes: What Does It Mean?

    Either the battery has died or the e-liquid in the Elux Legend has run out. It will be necessary to buy a brand-new disposable vape. Some people claim that their Elux Legends flash as they attempt to inhale, frequently producing no vapour. This could happen for a few different reasons.

    The Elux Legend's e-liquid tank being empty is the most frequent cause. For disposables, this is especially true. The number of puffs a disposable is good for is rated differently. If you use your Elux Legend frequently, you can discover that it flashes much more quickly than you might expect.

    Another possibility is that the battery is dead. The  Elux legend pro 3500 1500 mAh battery is rated to last for all 3500 puffs, however, occasionally a battery can be damaged or run out after not being used for a long. The blue light will blink to indicate a low battery.

    Final Verdict

    Even so, Elux legend pro 3500 pro comes in a variety of flavours. It is more than enough for someone to get proficient with this device's possibilities. So, there's no need to worry too much about picking the right flavour. You won't be dissatisfied if you just have an abundance of vapes in your possession with the flavour of your choice.


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