Elf Bar Disposable Vapes Review | 7 Best Flavours and Why
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Elf Bar Disposable Vapes Review | 7 Best Flavours and Why


ELF BAR is a rechargeable disposable e-cigarette. These elf bar rechargeable disposable devices feature high-capacity batteries and high-quality coils, allowing you to vape for hours on end without running out of energy. Each elf bar elfa piece is built with a precision silicone seal and replaceable steel tip, keeping your e-liquid fresh and clean while preventing leakage. When you need a rechargeable elf bar, simply screw the tip back in place to restore them to their original shape.

With premium quality, reliability and performance at an unbeatable value, elfa elf bar disposable e-cigarettes are sure to become your new favourite way to vape. There are 2 reasons why people purchase our products.

Reasons of Choice:

  • Convenience and cleanliness: With an Elf Bar Pod, you can easily carry your e-cigarette in your pocket or purse, no leakage. The flavour is the same with a normal e-cigarette but without any dirt.
  • Cost savings: One elf bar refillable disposable vape, which means that you can save over 90% compared to a normal e-cigarette package. Moreover, more value for money when using a recharge elf bar as it contains 1 ml of e-liquid inside.

What are Rechargeable Disposable Vapes?

Rechargeable Disposable vapes are e-cigarettes that are the same in size and shape as traditional disposables, but instead of using elfa bar disposable batteries and cartridges, they have a rechargeable lithium battery and miniature tanks that can be filled with your favourite e-liquid. Most use a single coil atomizer so you only get one hit for each cartridge. Because there is no need to purchase replacement cartridges, you can simply replace your atomizer when it wears out. These elf bar pod kit devices also come with a USB charging cord so you can recharge them at home or anywhere else without mess or fuss.


7 best flavours of  Elf bar Disposable Vape:

  • Apple Peach:

Apple and peach are a perfect combination for a refreshing treat. It's sweet, juicy, and smooth, but slightly tart to give it an extra zing. The elf bar recharge fruitiness of the apple comes through with a slight touch of sourness from the peach. One inhale you'll get a nice warm blend of both fruit flavours and another on your exhale you'll get that tart finish from the peach.

  • Banana Ice:

If your favourite way to elfbar elfa vape is by dripping onto a piece of pineapple then this is one you're definitely going to enjoy. Inhale is a sweet and zesty ripe banana flavour with a hint of coconut and exhale is a smooth ice cool taste. The elf bar elfa pods banana tastes just like it came straight from the jungle.

  • Blueberry Raspberry:

Blueberry Raspberry is one of our best sellers. This elfbar pod kit of fruit-flavoured vape juice will rock your taste buds with its delicious blend that takes you back to the fruity taste of blueberry and raspberry mixed together. One puff on this e liquid will make you fall in love with its flavour. Blueberry Raspberry is a perfect combination of sweet and fruity taste.

  • Cotton Candy Ice:

Cotton Candy Ice comes in as a very unique flavour that will satisfy your sweet tooth. This elf bar refill vape juice tastes similar to the real thing. It has a sweet, creamy, and wispy taste that will remind you of slowly eating cotton candy at a carnival or fair. Once you start vaping it, you will have no choice but to close your eyes and imagine that you're enjoying these elfbar pods.

  • Blue Razz Lemonade:

Blue Razz lemonade tastes just a little sour. Fresh lemon, sweet raspberry and just a hint of blue razz. The fruity flavours that you get from vaping this e liquid are so flavorful and will leave you wanting more. You will be getting good clouds with these rechargeable elf bars.

  • Strawberry Energy: 

Strawberries are one of the most popular refill elf bar, and they taste great on their own as well as mixed with other fruits, but they're particularly good mixed with vanilla to make strawberry energy. Surprisingly tasty, it's smooth and has a nice cool inhale that's followed by a slightly sweet exhale with rich strawberries on the end.

  • Pink Lemonade:

Pink lemonade is a refreshing choice for vapers. The elf bar refillable pods sweet and sour taste of this e liquid will make you think that you're eating a fresh piece of pink lemonade right out of the fruit bowl. It starts off with the tartness of lemons, which last a while before transitioning into the flavours of strawberries and raspberries.

How long does a reusable elf bar last?

There are two ways to explain this. First, if you're talking about the atomizer, then you can use it 2-3 times. If you're talking about the whole reusable elf bar disposable vape, it depends on how much you vape on a daily basis and whether or not you take good care of the device and clean it regularly. You can probably count on using one white elf bar for a week before it needs to be replaced.

How do I charge my elf bar disposable vapes?

You should charge your Elfa Vape at least 4 hours after every one session to ensure that all the vapour liquid that was vapourized has dropped out and been absorbed by either your cotton or silica wick. You can put up to 2 ml of e-liquid into the refillable elf bar. You do not want to overfill and risk bursting the atomizer coil and spilling your e-liquid all over. If you exceed the maximum capacity of the eliquid, then it will begin leaking out of the hole in the centre where you screwed off the top cap. That's what you need to be careful with and make sure it's not filled up beyond capacity.

Can you refill elf bar pods?

Yes, you can Refill Elf Bar Pods. Each elf bar pod contains 1 ml of e-liquid, which means that you can refill it up to 7-8 times. The trick is to use an empty container in order to save some of the vapour liquid for later use and then fill the pod with e-liquid just before use. You can easily buy elfa pods disposable vape from our site or if you are looking for a lower price. 

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